I work with women and organizations — in higher ed, social sectors, business, and the arts — to tackle the question how do I go from here to there?

I’m passionate about helping women take charge of their professional lives and make an impact on the world.

I create award-winning, stand-out brands that get jobs, win promotions, clinch new business, get media attention, and rise above the din.

I believe in the power of reinvention.

Brand Building for Women Leaders

… and Those Who Want to Be

From newsrooms to boardrooms, I’ve created award-winning brands for a wide range of people and institutions.

Whether you want to climb the ladder higher and faster where you are, strike out on your own or into a new field entirely, or if the company you lead needs greater visibility and impact, your success starts and ends with you and your brand.

It’s not enough to be good. 

You need a brand that is resonant, memorable, and relevant.

Brand Matters

Be Memorable. Resonant. Relevant.

Be Memorable. Be Resonant. Be Relevant.

I’ve guided colleges and universities, media companies, arts organizations, tech start-ups, and a broad range of small businesses, position their brands for success in an increasingly competitive world. 

Perception Is Reality

Tell Your Story. We Can Help.