I’ve been at the forefront of creating successful brands and shaping the reputation of a wide variety of institutions and organizations.

I’ve worked as an award-winning television producer; started my own business, gone back to school for my Master’s degree while running the marketing agency I founded, risen steadily in the higher education ranks as a marketing and communications VP at colleges and universities including Harvard, MIT, and Sarah Lawrence, and along the way, have helped scores of women and companies figure out “what’s next” and how to get there.

I know first-hand that in an increasingly complex, competitive, and ever-changing world we must put our personal brands forward in ways that are compelling, resonant, and memorable.

I’ve worked with Lyn at top-tier schools who need her ministrations to stay viable in a changing, challenging landscape. With her deep knowledge of higher ed, she steadies the hands of college presidents and senior leadership, thinks strategically and implements tactically, and adding significant value, counsel and perspective to the institutions she works with.

Roger Sametz
Sametz Blackstone Associates