For Nonprofits Now’s the Time

My summer blog break has turned into a full-fledged unintentional hiatus. How did it get to be November? The fall hit with a vengeance the nanosecond Labor Day weekend was over, and it’s been warp speed ever since. Projects I’d given up on in the spring are now very much alive.
It’s a good problem to have. I’m much more productive when I’m busy. I think better, too. On my feet. No time to perseverate. Go with your gut. My first instinct — and I know I’m not alone in this — is usually the one to trust.

Take this blog post, the one you’re reading right now. I did everything else before forcing myself to sit down today and do it. It’s true what they say about writing. You can’t wait for inspiration you just have to clock the miles, stick to a schedule, and ride the damn bike.
I’ve been busy producing webinars and workshops lately on the branding process for nonprofits. The most recent — Creating Meaningful Brands in a Post-Pandemic World for The Nonprofit Support Program of The Hartford Foundation was a big success. You can view it here.

While aimed at the particular challenges many nonprofits are facing, the branding strategies in this webinar apply to every small and medium size organization, as well as being useful as you think about your own personal brand identity. 
There’s no question that the pandemic has had a huge impact on the nonprofit sector, ranging from lost revenue to lost opportunities for mission-driven organizations across the board.

It’s clear that a strong brand is an essential business asset as organizations begin to see their brands as an investment that requires a consistent input of time, money, and energy. And yet many lack the resources and capacity to develop a successful brand strategy on their own.

That’s where hands-on, more-than-just-talk webinars like these can be very useful.

A follow-up to the first branding workshop is in the works. Building Genuine Connections | How to Craft a Compelling Brand Story will be offered early next year. Let me know if you’d like more information as this takes shape.

Got questions about your brand and how to create a strategy that supports it? I’m always available for an informal informational chat.