How to Write A Great Nonprofit Value Proposition

Use these 5 steps to significantly increase your visibility, drive engagement, and inspire new people to rally around and support your cause.

  1. IDENTIFY your target audience: who do you want to reach? Think about their demographics, psychographics, and interests.
  2. DEFINE your mission: Clarify your mission and what you aim to accomplish. What social or environmental issue are you addressing? What is your unique approach to solving this problem?
  3. EXPLAIN the impact: Highlight the positive impact that your non-profit is making. What are the specific outcomes or results that you have achieved? How have you improved the lives of those you serve?
  4. DIFFERENTIATE: Identify what sets your non-profit apart from others in the sector. How is your approach different and better than your competitors? What makes your organization unique and special?
  5. CREATE a clear and compelling statement: Use these steps to create an inspirational brand narrative that communicates the unique value that your non-profit offers to those who care about your cause. Make it easily understandable and memorable in ways that will mobilize people to get behind the important work that you do.

You’ll need to keep an eye on and update your value proposition as you go along. Don’t be afraid of getting feedback from supporters, donors, and members. By creating a strong and compelling value proposition, you can significantly increase your visibility and be confident that your organization will have an even greater impact on the issues, community, and people you serve.