Inside My Epic Small Business Branding Workshop

Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of conducting a live webinar for SCORE of Southeastern CT on branding for small service businesses. We had an incredible mix of participants, including small businesses, nonprofits, consultants, coaches, and financial service providers Oh, my!

Let me tell you, it was an inspiring experience!

A Dynamic and Engaging 90 Minutes

The energy was palpable from the moment we kicked off. The webinar was designed to be highly interactive, and boy, did the participants deliver! Seeing so many passionate business owners eager to learn and share their branding challenges was amazing.

A Q&A Session to Remember

One of the highlights, as it always is, was the Q&A. I asked folks to tell me about their businesses, and here’s the fun part — I workshopped them on the fly with tangible, take-to-the-bank ideas they could use the minute the workshop ended. 

The conversation was great, and the questions ranged from branding a small human services organization to a law firm to a highly specialized jewelry design business.

How Actual Small Businesses Did It

I flipped through real-world case studies to illustrate some stellar small service business branding success stories.

  • I talked about the accountant who offers personal financial education workshops tailored to small business owners. This approach not only positions the accountant as an expert but also adds significant value to her target audience. 
  • For an executive coach, I suggested incorporating sustainable business practices and focusing on leadership and fulfillment to create a brand that resonates with clients seeking upward growth and ethical business solutions. 
  • I showcased an independent bookstore that hosts regular community events, book clubs, and author signings. This strategy transformed the bookstore into a community hub, fostering loyalty and creating a vibrant, engaging brand. 

We brought it home! Three cheers! Let’s hear it for thoughtful branding and kudos all around for brainstorming how creating meaningful connections drives real business success.

This approach really resonated. As one person put it:

“Lyn covered a lot, and her case studies and examples were super helpful. The Q&A was as informative as the workshop itself. I realize this partly depends on the questions asked, but in each case, Lyn demonstrated how her approach got applied, and it’s so helpful to see how her branding principles become a reality. It gave me a new perspective about my own brand.”

Great Feedback

I was so gratified by the feedback. It’s what I always hope to hear — that the insights and practical advice I shared were immediately and directly applicable to their own businesses. 

Tangible impact on their branding efforts? Yes!

Watch the Workshop

If you missed the live event, don’t worry! You can still watch the workshop by following this link.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on all the great discussions and valuable takeaways.

A Word About SCORE

I’ve been a fan of SCORE for a long time. I urge you to take advantage of their free access, virtually or in person, to the expertise you need as a small business ownerto reach your business goals. SCORE has helped thousands of people with their free mentoring, workshops, and vast free resources.

Tell Me About Your Business

Now, I want to hear from you! I’m excited to learn about your business! 

Share your story with me, and I’ll give you my quick take on ways you can create or rejuvenate your brand. Post your question in the chat, or email me here. Let’s get the conversation started!