Brand, firsthand: a conversation on branding in academia with Lyn Chamberlin and Roger Sametz

At Sametz Blackstone, we often have the privilege of learning from the exceptional professionals who make up our client teams, as well as strategists, specialists, researchers, photographers, and consultants of all stripes. We’ve decided to share a series of conversations with these collaborators and partners called, “Brand, firsthand.”

First up is Lyn Chamberlin: a seasoned communications professional who has held senior leadership titles in a diverse range of academic organizations, in addition to her work as a crisis communications consultant, and a coach helping women in leadership develop their individual brands. 

Roger and Lyn talk through all the challenges and opportunities in branding in academia, including how to garner support throughout your organization for branding initiatives, and how to break down silos between your marketing and advancement departments.

AFP Massachusetts Fundraising Week: “Your Brand is More Important to Fundraising Than Ever”

Sametz Blackstone Associates CEO, Roger Sametz, collaborated with communications expert, Lyn Chamberlin, on this brand-focused webinar for nonprofit professionals in January 2021. With organizations working hard to keep needed income on track in the midst of a pandemic (and beyond), a strong brand is essential for standing out in a noisy, crowded landscape.

Lessons in Leadership: From Crisis to Recovery in Higher Education and Beyond

Moderated by Lyn Chamberlin

Colleges and universities are facing extraordinary new challenges as the pandemic continues to unfold and questions of sustainability and new paths forward remain unclear. How are higher education leaders navigating this period of crisis and disruption? How have the lessons learned informed long-term planning and the calls for meaningful education in an increasingly virtual environment?

The first in a series of roundtable conversations brings together a distinguished panel of higher ed leaders and sector experts for a look at how institutions are tackling these and other critical issues as they move from crisis to recovery. This complimentary webinar will cover topics including:

  • Paths forward for institutional leadership amidst continual paradigm shifts.
  • Approaches to uncertainty and the exigencies of the unknown.
  • The critical role of transparency and reassurance in developing trust and ongoing community support.

Click on the link below to view the recording. You’ll need to register on the website:

Lessons in Leadership: From Crisis to Recovery in Higher Education and Beyond

Brand Development with The Brand Dame — What’s Your Story?

Featured in Advancing Your Career in Academia, with Dr. Loren M. Hill.