My Playbook for Creating Exceptional Brands

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Here’s where I share everything I know about branding and how you can create a brand that makes people stop and pay attention.

I am an award-winning brand creator, consultant, and coach.

My goal here is to distill my 20+ years of experience into a meaningful conversation with really useful information about how to reach more people with more impact, more clarity, and greater visibility.

Here’s the problem. 

Whether you’re looking to create your own brand or that of your organization or business, you’ll quickly find yourself swimming in an online sea of sameness that ends up being a monumental waste of time. It’s a flood of cookie-cutter, mostly outdated stuff that falls flat without the specific, nuanced insights you need. 

That’s exactly the problem I’m here to solve.

We need to switch things up. My approach – part strategist, part coach, part brand therapist is unlike anything else you will find. As a television producer for many years, I know how to tell stories audiences remember. I’ve worked with many companies and successful women over the years, crafting long-lasting brands that actually work.

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