To Brand or Not To Brand?

Branding isn’t easy. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re the Queen of Sheba or Starbucks. Every day, you have to put yourself out there.

But you shy away from branding because it feels risky and uncertain. It feels fake. It’s for other people, not me.

Putting yourself out there invites judgment, and it’s much easier to play it safe and stay within the lines. But by deciding to sit it out, you’re letting others define you. 

You’re choosing the safety of obscurity over the potential rewards of owning a bold, authentic brand.

That’s exactly the problem I’m here to solve. 

You’ve got two choices.

Choice # 1: Play It Safe. You stick to what’s worked for you before, grinding out the same personal narrative, mission statement, or case for support. 

Choice #2: Roll the Dice: You decide to try something different. You recast yourself or your organization’s purpose in a different way. You throw your cards up in the air, embrace the uncertainty, and see where it lands. 

You shuffle the deck in your favor. You deal yourself a winning hand.

My mission is to help you grab onto some really powerful branding ideas that actually work—ideas you can start using tomorrow morning. 

These are buzz-generating, audience-engaging, money-raising, job-getting, stand-and-deliver, wall-sticking ideas you won’t find anywhere else. 

I understand your hesitancy; branding can feel like a total maze, especially if you’re just sticking your toe in the water. I’ve helped tons of folks and organizations nail their brands and, in the process, develop new strategies, discover new opportunities, and put money in the bank.

But here’s the thing.

Navigating the branding jungle in 2024? It’s no walk in the park. 

You’ll find a ton of not-very-helpful branding advice, mostly cookie-cutter and off-the-shelf, from self-styled branding gurus who offer strategies that are either insanely time-consumingridiculously expensive, or impossible to adopt, especially if you’re just wrapping your mind around all this. Crazy strategies like “Just go viral on TikTok overnight” or “Use influencer marketing like those Instagram millionaires.” 

Bottom line? Finding effective branding help is incredibly challenging.

That’s where I come in. 

I’m Lyn Chamberlin, founder of The Brand Dame. If you’ve found your way here, you’re likely a nonprofit trailblazer, a rising professional hotshot, or a visionary entrepreneur.

As an award-winning television producer, I know how to create brands that engage audiences on a deep level. In my work with top-tier universities, nonprofit marketing teams, and corporate go-getters, I’ve created strategic brands for individuals, consultants, organizations, and entrepreneurs that supercharge visibility, engagement, and social impact.

I‘m here to tell you that great brands are game-changers. They don’t just shape perceptions; they build trust and create deep connections

Forget just a logo—branding is about defining identity, driving engagement, and fueling success. 

Ready to change your world with a great brand? Let’s get started.

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