What I’m Reading (And You Should, Too)

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Here’s my completely subjective, ever-so-carefully curated, hand-picked hodgepodge of recent articles I’ve bookmarked on women’s leadership. It’s random, but worth a glance, in case you want to bookmark them, too.

You’re welcome.

The Pandemic Is Prompting People to Make Big Life Decisions | Time

If you’ve made a big life change this year, you’re not alone.

Women leaders shine in a crisis. They absorb chaos, maintain stability, and communicate hope | The Star

Female leaders are often criticized for being too masculine or too feminine. But Canada has many examples of female leaders excelling through the pandemic

Women must prioritize mental health on their way to the top – Fortune

Now more than ever, women with their eyes set on the C-suite must proactively nurture their mental wellness.

Study: Women-led colleges hire more women and pay them better

Women make up about a third of college and university presidents and 44 percent of provosts. Their institutions employ more women, in higher positions and for better pay, than those led by men.

Life’s Work: An Interview with Robin Wright

Robin Wright on making choices and taking risks

10 Habits of the Most Confident People | Inc.com

It’s hard to be confident in what you’re doing if you’re not sure why you’re doing it. What is your purpose in work and in life?

Why You Should Build a “Career Portfolio” (Not a “Career Path”)

A “career portfolio” is a new way to think about, talk about, and craft your professional future