What’s Stopping You?

If you could wave a magic wand and get rid of the biggest impediment to your career, what would it be?
At some point in our professional lives, we all find ourselves “stuck.”  We’re restless, bored, and going through the motions without energy or passion. We come to accept “stuck” as a fact of life so that “stuck” becomes just the way it is, an accepted, albeit resigned, new normal. We lose perspective and the sense of our own big picture.

For mid-career women who are at a turning point, asking the question “what’s next” can be scary. It has the potential to open up a whole Pandora’s box of doubt and uncertainty as if even thinking about going down that road will mean there’s no turning back.
What if you could get out of your own way? What if you think about yourself holistically, not just as the sum of the bullets on your resume?  What if you could take charge of how people see your value and create a professional brand that starts a whole new chapter of your professional life?

What if you weren’t afraid to throw the cards up in the air and see where they land?
What’s stopping you?