Why Is Nonprofit Marketing So Darn Tough?

Mission-driven work is an easy sell from a marketing perspective, right?

The challenge in branding a nonprofit is the fact that goals and ideals, no matter how noble, are hard to define and communicate. It’s easy to market a new sneaker.

Embrace the intangible.

What your organization is “selling” is intangible. You’re not marketing to customers, you’re advocating to your community so they can carry your message and help your ideas, your services, your policies reach farther, longer, and higher. You’re building a base to help you support the long-term sustainability of your organization. And if your organization’s brand can make them feel something, they’ll be part of your world for years to come. Nonprofits should aim to build focused communities that engage deeply.

Unlock the possibilities.

This is where the magic lies. Whether it’s a cause, an idea, or a vision, the true power lies in rallying the community around a shared purpose. It’s about advocating to your community, inspiring them to carry your message and helping your ideas, services, and policies reach new horizons. By embracing the intangible, nonprofits unlock a world of endless possibilities.

One last thing.

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