You’re successful. You’re also bored.

Hey there!

Why is asking yourself what’s next feel so risky?

You’re successful. You’ve been promoted, awarded, and praised for what you do. Safe. Comfortable. At the top of your game.

And you’re bored. Restless. Stuck.

It is scary. You worry that If you open that particular box, you might not get the stuff back in.

I know. I’ve been there. Stepping into the unknown and the unfamiliar is not easy. 

Society imposes expectations on us, particularly as we age. There’s an underlying assumption that after a certain point, professional accomplishments should be enough, and striving for more is a waste of time. There’s an expectation that we should be grateful and should settle for the status quo. 

For me and the many successful women I coach, self-worth is inextricably tied to our professional identity. But as we progress in our careers, our priorities and values begin to shift, maturing subtly over time. We yearn for more meaningful work, a better work-life balance, and new ways of making a real difference in the world.

Staring down the future requires a great big leap of faith.

And a personal brand.

In my work building influential and powerful personal brands for women, we begin by creating a new personal paradigm, a brand built on value, not a laundry list of jobs. These brands evolve from the inside out rather than a chronological list of job titles and multi-bulleted skills. The overwrought CV becomes the last piece of the brand portfolio and functions merely as a set of proof points supporting the larger brand narrative.

Embracing the unknown doesn’t mean making drastic changes overnight. Take small steps.

Focus on all that will be gained, not lost.